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Welcome to the School Insurance of Florida website.  This website is designed to provide a summary of the student accident insurance policy implemented by the Polk County School Board.

The Polk County School Board is very interested in maintaining a safe environment for your children and providing students with the educational and recreational activities that they need and deserve.  However, accidents do happen every day during recess periods, sports, physical education classes and other school activities. 

As a public service to the community, the Polk County School Board has purchased a supplemental student accident insurance policy for all full time students.  If a student is injured during school classes or other activities that are exclusively school sponsored, school funded, school scheduled and directly supervised by a Polk County school employee, the policy could help parents pay for some of the accident related medical expenses.

This website will answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding the insurance program. If you did not receive an insurance brochure from the school, you can download a brochure from this website that describes the student insurance plan benefits, terms, limits and cost.  

The policy purchased by the school is not intended to replace family or employer provided medical insurance plans. The policy purchased by the Polk County School Board contains specified benefit limits and will not provide 100% coverage for all medical expenses due to a school related accident. The school cannot assume liability for expenses that may be incurred due to a school related injury or any expenses not covered by insurance.

The school policy is ‘secondary’ coverage designed to supplement rather than replace other primary insurance. Parents of injured students must first file a claim with any other family or employer provided group plans before filing a claim under the school policy.  The school policy will not pay for any expenses that are collectible from other primary sources of coverage.

NOTE:  Some Charter and private schools located in Polk County may also purchase coverage similar to the coverage purchased for all Polk County Public School students.  Please contact your private school or Charter school to determine if they are a registered school eligible to participate in this program.  Certain schools may not be eligible to participate in this plan.   

If you have questions concerning the school insurance program, please contact us at School Insurance of Florida.



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